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Arinaa Country Farms

Own a Managed Farmland in Bangalore

Arinaa Country Farms, Managed Farmlands for sale in Bangalore. Arinaa Country Farms is located in Segekote village near kanakapura town. The project has been set up on a land rich in resources like abundant water, naturally nutrient-rich soil, apt climatic conditions, cows, goats, and hens, organic farming, and easy access to a weekend getaway with your family. Are you exploring Farmlands For Sale in Bangalore? or Farmhouses for Sale in kanakapura? Your search ends at Arinaa Country Farms, it is trending for Farm Lands in Bangalore that will suit both your budget and the necessary.

A farmhouse is a kind of house, built-in farmland, or surrounded by a landscaped garden. These are built away from the city limits where one can go and spend time in the lap of nature. It can be designed in any manner. Merely traditional or in a modern way. No matter how it is designed but care is taken that an agricultural or rural flavor is added to it. The farmhouse is not only built for residential purposes but it is also being used commercially for earning profit. That is, the owners when they are not using it can give it for rent and earn profit from it.

Own a Farmland in Bangalore

Be a Part of Dynamic Managed Farm Community near Bangalore
row your own Food and Money ! Live in your Farm House Amidst Nature !

Arinaa Country Farms

Gated Community Farmland near Bangalore

Arinaa Country Farms is a Gated Community Farmland in Bangalore, you will find a new way to live with everything on your doorstep. A place where farming is not only an activity but also an experience, where you can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy scenic views of the surrounding hills of Bangalore. At Arinaa, life is close to the heart.

Enjoying a home that's perfect for you is not just about lifestyle but also about living life in a way that's meaningful and purposeful: we believe in bringing people together and making them realize they can live differently amidst the hustle of city life.

Just 70 Kms from the Heart of Bangalore
  • Farm Land With
    Picket Fencing

  • Serene Natural
    Contours of Land

  • Rich Red Soil
    Near to Village

  • Practicing Farming
    with Indigenous seeds

Arinaa Country Farms

Managed Farmlands for sale in Kanakapura Bangalore

If you are looking for farmlands with farmhouses for sale in Bangalore, Arinaa Country Farms provides an opportunity for sprawling acres of farmlands in Bengaluru. Looking to buy managed farmland near Bangalore? Find attractively priced farm plots for sale in Bengaluru within a 1–2-hour drive from the city.

Complementary Stay at Farm House.

24 x 7 People Availability @ Site.

1 years maintenance by company.

Crops and Fruit bearing Plantation.

Pollution Free Zone.

Organic farming.

Concept based Projects.

Legality and Security.

Farm Lands in Bangalore

Arinaa Country Farms

Now It’s Time To Work From Farm

Mind is most productive, focused, and alert when relaxed, What else is better ambiance than Nature, greens and gardens, habitat of birds It's the game-changer - working in commune with nature. At Arinaa Country Farms you can work from anywhere in the connected greens at any time of the day. Zip up your work gadgets and head out into the green zones of Arinaa Country Farms and make your creatively inspired and amazingly productive workday/weekend day.

Advantages Of Work From Nature

One advantage of working from Nature is that the natural world is rich in variety and color. Another advantage is that working from nature has the potential to evoke emotion because it is often a source of inspiration for artists. For example, Vincent van Gogh's art was heavily inspired by the natural world.

Buy and manage Farmlands in Bangalore

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The farmhouse is a new concept of eco-friendly and healthy organic agriculture. It is a first-in-the-world healthy organic food delivery service and community garden that produces the freshest, most delicious, and most convenient food at your doorstep.

Affordable Farmlands For Sale In Bangalore

With the rising cost of living, it can be difficult to find affordable property. However, there are still some affordable farmhouses available for sale in Bangalore. There are several reasons why these properties are more affordable. One reason is that you are purchasing land so the price is lower. The second reason is that the mortgage rates have been low recently. The third reason is that properties are not being built as quickly as they were before so there is less supply.

In the event you reside in a vast city like Bangalore, seek out the real estate markets, looking for farmlands for sale in Bangalore or farmhouses for sale in Bangalore, and you'll probably come across fresh investment opportunities from Arinaa Farmhouses for sale in Bangalore. If you are fortunate enough to have good farmhouses for sale in Bangalore, it could be well worth a trip to them, and that means you can purchase them as an investment and enjoy your weekend with your cute family. People buy farmhouses to reside in the future and also see their investments growing faster.

Own Your Land

Grow Your Organic Food
Do Many From Your Dream List

Farmland for sale in banglore

Imagine a life where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and get back to nature. With Arinaa Country Farms' infrastructure, you can build your farmhouse once your investment is done. Safe environments make you start the weekend or work from nature. Who knows it can be a regular home for you in years!

Arinaa Country Farms is made for any person who loves to grow organic food at home or outdoors. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced farmer, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result!

You don't need any experience at all - Arinaa Country Farms has the right tools for beginner gardeners as well as professionals. You can even hire our gardeners - they will help you with everything from design to maintenance.

Farmlands For Sale in Bangalore

Buy and manage Farmlands in Bangalore
a healthy living with nature.

Location Advantages

  • Farm Lands With Piket Fencing.
  • Rich Red Soil.
  • Near To Village.
  • Close To Major Development.
  • Approach of 40 Ft Master Plan Road.

Gated Community farmland is located at Kankapura - Ramanagara district at a distance of 57 km from Bangalore Outer Ring Road (ORR) and ~ 90 km from Bangalore International Airport.

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