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Adventure Sports


Farm Animals

Farm House Stay

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Pollution Free Zone

Our farm area is a pollution-free zone, with pristine air quality, clean water, and a healthy ecosystem, creating a sustainable and healthy living environment

Legality & Security

Our farmland is free from any legal disputes or issues, providing a secure and trouble-free investment for potential buyers

Poultry Farms

We operate a nearby poultry farm, providing access to fresh and locally sourced eggs and poultry products for our farm residents

Increase Your Land Investment When we will Manage your farmland.

Organic Farming

Our fertilized soil provides an excellent foundation for organic farming, supporting healthy plant growth and abundant harvests using sustainable and natural methods.

Vegetable Farms

Kitchen Garden is a shared space where Communities grow and harvest produce together, fostering a sense of community and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Adventure Park

Offer activities such as hayrides, bonfires, and outdoor cooking. These activities provide a unique and exciting way to connect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors while staying on a farmhouse.

Our Projects

Ariaa Country Farm, Kanakapura

Master Plan

The project has been set up on a land rich in resources like abundant water, naturally nutrient-rich soil, apt climatic conditions, cows, goats, and hens, organic farming, and easy access to a weekend getaway with your family.

60 Min From Kanakapura

599/- Per Sq Ft

Coming Soon

Bellevuee Farm, Kanakapura

45 Min From Kanakapura

Price Revealing Soon

Our Farm Life at a glance.

Virtual Tour of the Project

How it Works?

Owning a Farm Land

Step 1

Choose Your Land

Select a scenic and spacious piece of land from our available properties to build your dream farmhouse, with ample outdoor space.

Step 2

Build Your Dream Farm House

Build your dream home on your purchased land surrounded by natural beauty, creating a serene and picturesque living space.

Step 3

We take care of rest.

We Manage your farmhouse when you’re absent, ensuring its upkeep and providing security, convenience, and peace of mind.

Who We are

About Us

Arinaa Country Farms is a Gated Community Farmland in Bangalore, you will find a new way to live with everything on your doorstep. A place where farming is not only an activity but also an experience, where you can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy scenic views of the surrounding hills of Bangalore. At Arinaa, life is close to the heart.

Enjoying a home that’s perfect for you is not just about lifestyle but also about living life in a way that’s meaningful and purposeful: we believe in bringing people together and making them realize they can live differently amidst the hustle of city life.

Reviews about Our Farmland

muhammed shahin
muhammed shahin
very nice property ❤️
Sanjit Samal
Sanjit Samal
The arinaa country farm's management has done an excellent job of maintaining the land, creating a peaceful and inviting atmosphere its near to banglore also
mamatha A M mammu
mamatha A M mammu
I visited this managed farmland last week It was nice experience.
Vijay Teki
Vijay Teki
Radha Radha
Radha Radha
They are still developing their, some properties are sold and they are building formhouses their. Over all good and calm area for naturist.
preetham ps amith
preetham ps amith
Arinaa is one of the best-managed farmland near Bangalore it was a good experience with beautiful nature around the farm totally my experience in Arinaa was awesome and it's near to kanakpura
Arinaa is a good property, Ambience is so nice 😊. Near to kanakapura city so that transportation is very easy....
Prem Kumar
Prem Kumar
Arinaa Country Farms is the Best Managed farmlands in Bangalore. Also, they keep my land well-maintained and make sure I have plenty of water available to irrigate my crops. promote greater well-being ... It's really worth investing and will satiate your expectations 🙂
Girish Reddy
Girish Reddy
it's near to Banglore one of the best weekend getaway with family and friends if u are interested in farming and enjoying weekend this is the best managed farmland

Frequently Asked Questions

1500 Sq Ft is the minimum Plot size you can own.

Yes, You can build a farm house and can enjoy the benefit of our all amenities.

We manage and maintain the farms for you at a free of cost, but charge variable to each project.

No, Commercial Use of Land is Prohibited.

Yes, We can help you build your farm house, your bamboo house and more type of property .

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Plan A FREE One Day Holiday in Your Future Farm Land

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